In case you didn't catch that yet...

In case you didn’t catch that yet…rth

Sometimes I forget this blog started out talking about money. The almighty dolla. A lot of red this past month. Let’s break it down:

It's a slippery slope

It’s a slippery slope

For as much as March was a good month financially, April sucked on all fronts. Financial, personal (my grandfather passed away April 20th) and career-related. Whew I’m so glad it’s May. I get to pluck tulips from my garden soon. πŸ™‚ But let’s get back to finance:Β My primary goal for this month was to work on dealing with my revolving creditcard balance, revolving in the sense that I wasn’t paying any interest but was constantly carrying a balance. With the last paycheque of the month I brought that puppy almost back down to zero and I am really trying to curb some of my spending.

I’m finding it incredibly hard to get used to earning less income this year versus what I had been making the past two years. I feel terrible saying this because I still have an income, I work when I want and essentially do whatever I want everyday but am unable to increase my income at the moment. So I have incredible freedom…. but money is tight. I applied for a job earlier in the month (Invesco, for those curious) I went through the phoneinterview and had an almost two-hour face to face interview locally. I felt that both went quite well but I was turned down for the job by anonymous do-not-reply email. You know the one I mean… so I continue to search for something suitable. Things will be a little easier (I hope) with my degree in hand as of May 11th! Back to finance though. The never-ending struggle to not dip into my emergency fund too much continues, my mortgage and heloc continue their crawl down the principal-repayment ladder and give or take $500 I’ve been hopping around the $45k networth mark for a few months now.

Goals for May: Have a hundred or two in my chequing and a zero balance on my creditcard. Add $200 back to my e-fund.

Aaaaand because I can: Here’s dog!

Got a little wet this week

Got a little wet this week

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