Whew. I feel like I haven’t written anything in ages.

Life’s been busy. Life’s actually been pretty good! In December I went on a road-trip to NYC with my sister and my cousin which was an absolute blast. I’ve been meaning to post pictures/travel blogs but I’ve just never gotten around to it. Early January that stuff with work happened. But it all turned out to be not such a bad thing and I’m quite happy and so much less stressed these days. (Although I am a little peeved about  having less money but hey life’s not all about money!)

Right now I’m finishing one course for my degree, am working mostly full-time and am working on training and getting used to living with my dog. Speaking of dog:

Helleuh world!

Helleuh world!

I think that’s the third post in a row I’ve posted dogpics, minus the Carnival roundup. I’m absolutely not apologizing. Dogs are awesome ya’all! On top of all the epic-dog-awesomeness I just booked a trip to Rome in October! (returning of course from Amsterdam, I’ll always love my birthplace) and I hope to get away for a week this summer. Besides that, just trying to keep up with my many to-do-lists, my little house, and yeah that bathroom of mine IS STILL NOT DONE. I’m still waiting for my dad to tile the floor… So, what’s new with you?

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