Time for another networth update!

networth 2012 october

I think the numbers are pretty self explanatory. My networth dropped 2.6% this month from last month due to my bathroom renovation. I’m currently overdrafted on my chequing and have a balance on my credit-card, though both are fee and interest free and I fully expect to catch up by the end of the month.

Since this is the first time I’ve posted a break-down of my finances here’s some further explanation:

Cash – I rarely keep cash so this is almost always at $0 unless I take out a hundred in cash, then it’s tracked. Misc savings is for short-term stuff I’m saving for like a trip or a gadget, it’s currently empty because I don’t have anything to put in it! My TFSA contains stock. The items listed as stock are the value of my holdings in my own company and Misc assets includes stuff like my car and anything house-wise that has a value like the ride-on lawnmower and generator.

My goal for November is to get my chequing back in the positive, my mastercard balance at zero and my networth back over $45k. Not a whole lot but bills are still coming from the bathroom renovation (which is not completed, waiting for the floor to be tiled at the moment) so I don’t expect to see any huge gains this month, probably not in December either.

That’s it! Do you track your net worth?

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