Well, still not quite where I was in September but making progress in the right direction!

Networth November 2012

I won a cash prize with my team by placing first in my class for a sponsor case competition. (small business strategy, it was fun!)  A small balance in my chequing (a rarity). On the asset side there was a 7.8% drop from last month in my emergency fund which is largely related to bathroom expenses. I didn’t save money for that renovation and cash flowing it wasn’t quite working so I did end up dipping into savings. No change elsewhere, my investments dipped but came back up to where they were at the start of the month, a few changes of cents here and there so I didn’t update those balances.

On the debt side my mortgage and heloc dropped, I paid the balances on my credit cards before having to pay interest and my networth is inching back up over $45k! I also noticed my total debt has now dropped  below $68k, nice! On to the next $1000!

For December I don’t expect much change, my income is greatly reduced because I’m paying a lot of tax right now so I end up with a $0 tax bill for the year. There’s not much to go around after the regular bills are paid. (and there’s still this issue so I’m trying to be careful) I have a roadtrip planned to NYC which is mostly paid for already. So financially my goals aren’t very lofty; I plan to get my emergency fund (listed as FU money) back up to $6k any cash leftover will go toward a small prepayment on the mortgage. (I’ve now prepaid $1,400 for the year!)



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