Many of you know me as Andrea and many of you know that I blog semi-anonymously and that Andrea isn’t my real name. (It’s an anagram of my real name, no-one has been able to solve that little puzzle yet!)

I’m getting awfully tired of calling myself Andrea when I’ve been correcting people on the spelling and pronunciation of my real name for a good portion of my life, never mind that there are a bunch of awesome bloggers with Andrea as a real first name.  I’ve been blogging for just over two years now and I started writing this post about a year ago. I’ve been thinking about the name-issue ever since, and what to do with it. I’ve been thinking of just throwing my real name out there, shazam, like a band-aid.

There’s one problem though and that is that I would prefer this blog to stay off Google when you type in my name.  I am still protective about my online identity and what is and isn’t public about me. My name is uncommon and I don’t want it to end up being the first thing people see on the internet about me. And don’t pretend you haven’t googled that girl or that guy you just met, you totally have and I do it too. No shame! As well, my friends and family mostly don’t know that I blog and for now I want to keep it that way. It isn’t that I write anything bad about anyone but this blog is in a sense, very personal and oh, so very public. Even though I was planning to attend Fincon12, which I obviously told my family about, I did not tell them I was going as a blogger. My writing-escapades for now remain a secret for you, dear internet. It’s a bit of an oxymoron; so public yet so private. But it allows me to write freely and unencumbered and until I feel comfortable sharing  I would like it to stay that way.

I mean it would be a little awkward for some of our company employees to find this site and know the dirty details of my financial life. :/ On one hand it would give me an opportunity to teach people what I have learned like I try to do now, to strangers, on the other hand it opens a whole can of worms because people may and probably will make assumptions about me and my finances and could abuse that. Others just wouldn’t get it no matter what and I’d prefer to avoid the scarlet blushing that would ensue on my side.

So without throwing my real full-name out there I came to a truce with myself. I am going to start blogging under my real name, but not my first name, for writing purposes I will begin using the second name my parents gave me when I was born. (For those of you that know my first name, you can still call me that too!)

Does it even matter? To me it does, my name(s) are part of who I am and while I was initially quite content to blog under a name-not-my-own,  this blog is part of me and it should reflect that. Andrea was an alias and it’s run it’s time.

And with that, let me re-introduce myself, my real self. Hi, I’m Renée and I write because I love words.

For the keeners, you probably already noticed that I updated the author on the posts earlier this week as well as my Twitter handle. Now you know why. 😉 I’ll update my about page in the next week orso as well as my short intro on the front-page. My emailaddress andrea[at]nickelbynickel[dot]com is still valid, I will get all your emails because they will be automatically forwarded but effective immediately my primary contact email will be renee[at]nickelbynickel[dot]com 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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