Too early for fall colours? Nah!

Getting yourself together financially, emotionally, physically is hard. Sometimes I receive comments from people that read this blog that really make me stand still and think at time when I’m feeling less than cheerful. Between my struggles over the past year, getting my shit together financially, trying to finish my degree and generally juggling life as a twenty-something, some days I feel the the world can be tough. It’s a beautiful world, but not always an easy one. On one such day I received this comment, truly timely reminding me that things aren’t always awesome but there is always another, beautiful day to be had. Wise and kind words left from The Stoic Investor:

“Two things I will leave you with. Continue to dream and continue to struggle, but know that at some point you just have to accept who you are. Not, your situation, but who you are. You can always work to improve your situation, but don’t think that once that changes everything changes and life is perfect. Even if you achieve everything you want to accomplish you will still be the same old you with the same old issues. Trust me on this one…  Being alone does not equate to being lonely. Perhaps in your current situation it is best to be both alone and lonely, a little of both are not always such bad companions as people make them out to be.”

Here I go being all melancholic and sentimental again. 😉

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