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newspaper dated April 7, 1951

I found these items while renovating my little house, of course this isn’t uncommon but I thought it was pretty cool to share. The newspaper was found underneath old kitchen linoleum, I’m guessing it was used to ‘level’ some sections.

more things

more things

The newspaper contains a few stories of the times – a request for warstories, advertisement and other snippits. I think the paper is from Ottawa? Not sure. I thought this advertisement (below) was interesting; boy the times have changed! It’s wonderful to find these old items and really realize the age of a house and the people that used to live in it.

Old ad for 'gothic' bra

Old ad for ‘gothic’ bra

advertisement detail

advertisement detail


The inkwell and container were found in the shed, which turned out to be older than originally thought.

old ink container

old ink container

The milk cap and photograph were found under the kitchen lino as well. The cigarette pack was found in the walls. I’ve heard construction workers quite often leave things like these behind… I’m wondering if I can perhaps contact someone in the city to see if I can find out who the people in the photograph are.

Cigarette pack, photograph and paper milkbottle cap

Cigarette pack, photograph and paper milkbottle cap

And perhaps the best find of all; a war time home canning manual. I didn’t snap any pictures of the inside, but the whole manual is intact and full of great information that surprisingly, isn’t all that out of date. I actually hope to use this next spring to start learning how to can some homegrown veggies and fruits! I’ve got big plans for the veggie garden this year.

Canadian wartime canning manual

Canadian wartime canning manual

Hope you enjoyed these pics as much as I enjoyed finding these things. 🙂 Have you ever found anything cool in your house? Rent or own, some people leave interesting stuff behind! I’m also the proud inheritor of a nice wok that the previous owner left behind, I didn’t have one and oh the stuff I’ve found in the apartments I’ve rented… any other cool stories out there?

This article was originally published January 1, 2011

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  1. It makes me wonder if the bra advertisements were some teenager's "stash" from back then!

  2. Our house is only about 25 years old, so there is nothing as old as what you found. But the other weekend we pulled up some wall to wall and found a cigarette butt. Not too glamourous.

  3. Modest Money

    April 3, 2012 at 03:02

    Very cool finds. That would be interesting to get a glimpse of the past like that. And I think Robert is onto something with his theory. Of all the sections of the newspaper, that happened to be one of them?

  4. That is some cool stuff Renée! REally like the inkwell.

  5. Interesting finds – did you ask or find out about the previous owners?

    BTW the top photo is 2,048px × 1,536px scaled to 510px × 383px! So it slows your site down quite a bit…. I

  6. When my grandmother passed away a few years ago, we had to clean out her house. I found tons of old things that were really cool. Among the best were an old Kodak camera from the 50’s or 60’s. I can’t even describe how cool it is. I also found some small shaving razors for men that were in these cool little cases.

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