Let me begin this post by asking a question; how loyal are you?

Today I received a comment from a family member that I am too loyal to people and that I hold on too long, so I got thinking about the subject of loyalty.

I’m sure you can identify when I tell you that I’ve had my fair share of broken friendships and broken relationships. I’m freshly reminded of this as I still wait (in vain) for a response to an email C. sent to a friend of mine back innnnnn July or something? A girl who he was thought to be my best friend, about an issue in my life that,  in short, was pretty crappy. She never bothered to respond.

She moved away earlier in the year and I’ve called, I’ve texted and sent a few messages asking how she and her family were doing and the only response so far has been the odd comment about the latest television show. I think I officially got dumped.

Nonetheless I remain loyal. I’m not down with being a doormat and don’t condone toxic relationships but in cases like this I forgive and forgive and forgive and eventually forget. C. told me about his one-strike policy in situations such as these, he cuts the ties, unforgiving, unrelenting. One strike, done.

I won’t judge you, one way or the other. People are fickle emotional beings and we all have our reasons and limits for acting the way we do. My loyalty has caused me hurt a few times, has it set me up for more or less?

I like to think less, some friendships can be saved and others can’t but in the end I gain comfort from knowing that I’ve done all that I could have done and remained loyal until what truly is, the end.

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