November marks a bunch of deadlines for me. Today I’m reviewing my goals for the month of October and will be setting new goals for the month of November.  I posted my third quarter stats for the year this week, set some weekly goals for the past week, and November also marks my first FULL year of tracking (almost) every single penny in and out. I will be putting together a big article about that later this week so stay tuned for that!

My goals last week were:

1. No spending on clothes. Success!
2. No house spending. Success!
3. No more spending on groceries. Success!

Sometimes just writing up a piece to post on NbN helps keep me on track, so thank you all! Now for the good stuff:

October goals recap:

1. Make a $100 mortgage prepaymentDone, done and done! Total for the year $1,010. If it weren’t for the prepayments my mortgage balance would be dropping at an alarmingly slow rate so I like doing this though I am thinking of making a change.
2. $20 clothing budgetI spent zilch! Still sitting on that giftcard.
3. $150 blow money – FAIL. spent about $250 including a $50 liquor store trip. Hmm.
4. $500 on my student loan and if possible I’d like to get that puppy below $5,000 once and for all this month – Success! You can read about that here. 

November goals
1. Student loan below $4,000
2. Grocery budget of $180.00
I only have two goals, I’m contemplating skipping the mortgage prepayment in favour of focusing solely on my studentloan in the next 3-4 months until it is fully paid off. I just started toying with this idea today so I’m not sure yet. It’s been so encouraging to see the effect of the prepayment on my mortgage balance, where my regular payments barely make a dent due to a 30 year amortization period but I’m also very ready to cut loose that darn rock of a student loan. Hmmm. Thoughts?
Good luck this month everyone! Holidays are around the corner, eek!
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