I like to keep things light around here so today I thought I’d do something fun. =)

If you are a blogger like me you may notice in your STATS that people find websites by the oddest searches on the internet and today I want to respond to one in particular;

what would happen if humans didn’t have nickel in them

Ummmmm….. Actually I’m not sure how to respond to that, would we die? Let’s see what google says; (my search query; ‘nickel in the human body’)

My search yields the following from this website;

Though many scientists suspect that nickel is necessary for good human health, it has not been proven. People with certain liver and kidney diseases are known to have low levels of nickel in their bodies. Also, excess nickel in the body is associated with a high incidence of heart disease, thyroid disease and cancer. In both of these cases, the significance of the amount of nickel in the body is unknown. Some scientists think that nickel affects hormones, cell membranes and chemicals called enzymes. Whatever the case, nickel certainly appears to affect human health, even though we do not know exactly how.

So there’s that, now you know. What’s the oddest internet search you’ve ever run into? I’ll be the first to admit that I very regularly ask the most random questions on the internet. :p

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