I set yearly, monthly, quarterly (first and second quarter found here)  and sometimes also weekly goals.

While beginning to write a jubilous post about my student loan progress (I’ll get to that shortly here) I realized I never posted my third quarter update!

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My goals for 2011 and my progress so far:
1. To complete at least 4 more courses for my degree. Completed! I have completed and passed THREE, I am currently enrolled in two and will pass at least one of the two for certain.

2. To have a total combined savings balance of $2,500, 1000 E-fund and $1,500 misc savings Way off. While I’m doing better than at my last check-in, with only $500 in savings I’m pretty far off $2,500 and I don’t think I will make this goal.

3. To make a trip overseas to visit family and friends.  Completed! I booked the ticket three months in advance and my eurrail pass a month in advance, because of that I spread the cost over a longer period which worked out very well for me. It was a great trip and it was good to see my friends their kiddos and especially my grandma and grandpa.

4. Have a student loan balance below $5,000 for July 1. Completed!  My original goal for the year was to have the total balance below $10,000, I revised the goal to get it below $5,000 for July 1st but missed the mark considerably.   My goal for the third quarter was to get it below $5,000 and I succeeded! The current balance is $4,978.10

5. To keep making one extra mortgage payment of $100 per month. On track! I’ve prepaid $1,010 on my mortgage and will hit my target of $1,200 for the year.

6. Have a net worth above $22,000 year-end. Completed! I started the year off just below $10,000 and hit my target on August 8th. Since then I have made a few changes to my balance sheet because the cost of the renovation and the subsequent change in value of my house I will reevaluate at the end of December and set a new goal at that point.

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Four goals completed, one right on track for completion and one way off. I think I did very well setting SMART goals and following through! Now for the goals I set last weekend; 1. No spending on clothes. Going good! 2. No house spending; Going good! and 3. No more spending on groceries; also going good! I was able to cash my paycheque and once and for all get my student loan below $5,000. Score!

How are you doing with your new years resolutions?

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