September recap – Birthday edition!

That’s right, that’s right. It’s my birthday! 26, shazam! And no I didn’t hold off on writing this post until today so I could announce that…. well, maybe a little. 😉 I was spoiled with beautiful roses, a sweet card, chocolates,  a few other goodies and some money for a clothing store.

Alright, so for half of September I was off globetrotting. My total trip expenses including the ticket (I had free lodging with friends & fam, and a few free meals) was about $1,786. I also had some huge renovation expenses in September (more pics later this week!) even though I had all those expenses I still tried to stick to somewhat of a budget.

My financial goals for September were;
1. Make a $100 mortgage prepayment
Success! How I managed to do this along with spending handfuls of money is beyond me.

2. Make a minimum payment of $100 on my student loanFail. I owe something like $5,600 in student debt still

3. Work on my eating out, clothing and blow money spending. Pass I spent $169.01 on a few last minute trip-related items, a shirt, two sweaters a pair of heels and some random items like socks. I spent $121.41 on eating out, half of that was one fancy meal with my girlfriends and my blow money spending was $162.42. A bit on the high side but it’s all coming down from recent months so I’m giving myself a pass on this one.

For October I would like to achieve the following:
1. Make a $100 mortgage prepayment, a staple in my monthly planning. I have prepaid $910 so far this year, every penny counts!
2. $20 clothing budget: I have a $30 giftcard that I received for my birthday with which I want to buy a pair of dress pants. I bought a nice pair a few months ago, wore them once… then my butt got smaller and they don’t fit anymore. Boourns! The same pair is on sale for $30ish so I’m going to pick those up with another tanktop this week.
3. $150 blow money
4. $500 on my student loan and if possible I’d like to get that puppy below $5,000 once and for all this month
That’s it for me for September, how’s your monthly planning coming along?
  1. Niki said:

    Happy Birthday!!

    Good luck on your goals for October!

  2. Happy Birthday, Andrea! Just recently I’ve noticed all kinds of bloggers making monthly goals – not sure why I JUST noticed this as when I really looked around it’s been happening forever. I’ve decided I need to get in on this game and make some short term goals for THIS MONTH to keep me on track financially.

  3. Happy Birthday! Did you know October 5th is the most common birthday? Just read about that.

    • Andrea said:

      No I had no idea!

  4. Happy Birthday Andrea! Good luck on your October goals. 🙂 Sure wish I could be 26 again, I have a birthday this month too but I’m going to be WAY older. 🙁

    • Andrea said:

      The Netherlands and Denmark, it was a great trip. I’ll be adding more photos of the house as I go along!

  5. Congrats – looks like you were able to keep up well with your goals despite your travels. I didnt do quite as well, but still thought I did pretty good.

  6. laura @ no more spending said:

    Happy Birthday!

  7. Now…when you say blow money…we’re not referring to cocaine, right?

    • Andrea said:

      Hahahaha, nope!

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