A little house in progress

Drumroll please! ……. I last updated on my home renovation progress about a month ago, which means it’s time for more pics!

I finished off with the following pic;

One wall up, two to go!

Only a few days later there was this;

Almost ready for a roof

And by the end of the week we were here;

Tying in the roof

New windows! I love new windows and properly insulated spaces <3

Coming together

I have to say that this portion was the most stressful out of the whole thing, I’m far from done, I’m working on drywall inside right now but having everything framed, and built, and ensuring the roof was sealed right, having to buy the windows and the door. A lot of money and a lot of adrenaline went into this, but, as you can see I built on a pretty big room and will have hopefully added quite a bit of value to the house! (I will find out this week how much exactly)

Now if you’ll excuse me I have more drywall to hang :(. (I really really don’t like drywalling!)


  1. Niki said:

    So exciting! I can’t wait to see the completed after, inside and out.

  2. Kellen said:

    Oh yay! I love building in progress pics! Look how far you’ve come. It’s practically liveable now :). My parents are building a barn and they are about at this stage.

    I love your adorable house šŸ™‚

  3. That is awesome! I hope you get a friend to hang the ceiling dryway – doing that sucks! I didnt mind the rest of it though.

    • Andrea said:

      I just asked by father to help me out as a birthday gift, hopefully he says yes šŸ˜€

  4. Dana said:

    Very nice addition! Love the pictures – Awesome you can do this yourself!!

  5. Very nice progress. I like the looks of your neighborhood…. very green and lush.

    • Andrea said:


  6. Hunter said:

    It’s looking great. You have made so much progress since the last pics I saw.

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