You can find previous post on my big-little house renovation here, here  and here.

I know you’ve been loving the pics and I’ve been wanting to post more but it’s really slow going because the construction season is coming to an end and contractors are quite busy around here so I’m spending a lot of time waiting. I haven’t done a whole lot in the past ten days because I’m now waiting for the electrician to come install a new electric panel and until that’s done everything has essentially come to a halt. Boo! Aw well, plenty of other things to keep busy with in the meantime.

The good thing about all this is that I’m able to spread the cost of renovating over a longer period and I’m able to pay for things as my paycheques come in.

Alright, time for more pics! We left off here;

Coming together

It’s been raining a LOT here over the past few weeks and 10 days ago I discovered a leak in the back where the two roofs meet. I kind of figured this would happen but it’s still a bummer as it means I haven’t been able to continue drywalling the ceiling inside.

from the back

I decided to tackle painting the door as soon as i could, I actually managed to get it painted before I went on my trip.

Now that’s red!

I decided to go with the same bright red as the front door, it’s a pain in the butt to paint with though. This time I used a greyish-brown tinted primer and about three thin coats of red paint (this is after the first coat of red I think)

And finally; progress on the shingles!

exterior semi-finished

Some of the trim is pressure treated so it will last longer, it also means I can’t paint it white to match the rest of the house until the spring. But that’s okay! So far the updates on the exterior, there isn’t much else to show exterior wise, the only other changes are that I’ve cleaned up all the mess around the house. In the spring I’ll paint the trim and I’ll post a pic of the finished outside result so stay tuned for that.

I’ve got most the drywall up inside so I hope to be able to post some interior pics very soon, I’ve also already bought the floor! So exciting, and to think… it’s really only been 6 weeks since the old part of the house was torn off. Time flies!

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