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This fitness challenge runs from July 23 until August 20.

Week 2 results are in! Albeit a bit late but that’s okay.

First, my personal goals during this challenge:
Increase strength & stamina as measured by moving along in the C25K program and lose 6 pounds, or 1.whatever pounds per week.

– run the c25k 3x weekly
– Spend 30 mins cycling weekly
– Swim 1x weekly
– Watch nutrition 5-6 days a week, 1 junk day allowed.

I weighed in today and…. again… I didn’t lose anything! Zip. Zilch.  Still stuck at 155lbs, GRRR! I have had to put my belt one hole tighter all week and I am wearing a pair of jeans (while writing this post) – without having to hold my breath –  that I last wore 3.5 years and 15 pounds ago, with minimal muffin top. I promise. 😉 You can also see some weightloss in my face; I am slightly baffled that my weight on the scale isn’t budging.

I am behind with my runs this week, I did two runs, and hope to do the last run in Couch 2 5k week 6 today.
I cycled for 30 mins twice and hit the pool Thursday! Overall exercise wise I had an average week, I think I need to up my game the next few weeks big time. Food-wise, I’ve kept the calories under control again but I really need to focus on eating more veggies, fruit & protein, the cupboards are bare and it’s time to do some groceries! 

Also doing the challenge:

– Spender’s Broke who is doing a Warrior dash on Sept 17th… this past week started off great but she had a rough couple of days in the end.
– Serendipity who is hoping to pick up some healthy habits (me too girl, me too!)
– Travis Pizel from Our Journey to Zero who’s participating in not one, but two challenges, he didn’t weigh in this weekend, curious to see your results Travis… I’m thinking of trying to copy your routine for a week to see if that may break my weightplateau.
– Jackie from the Debt Myth wants to increase her time spent in the pool
Maggie@SquarePennies challenged herself to exercise 6 days out of 7 during the challenge period.

So, how did you all do? Ready for another week!?

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