Spread da Love – Link-Love! #13 (<- I’m not entirely sure why I number these posts, but I do, so you know)

Please head on over to A Lotta Lettuce who wrote the most sane-awesome-post ever about babies and fear and all that fun stuff. (Don’t forget to congratulate!) In related news check out; The Pea in the Pod Waved! on The Saved Quarter

Blonde on a Budget paid off $5,000 of debt in 2 months, wahoo! Great work chick!

Also don’t miss Being prepared for emergencies is sexy on Budgets Are Sexy, there’s always stuff lurking around the corner just waiting to happen. In fact, one of my sisters just wrecked her car and had a $850 deductible to cough up, which of course she doesn’t have because she’s working on her credit-card debt. A $1000 e-fund would have come in mighty handy! Speaking of my siblings.. with the amount of times I reference them I might have to start up a new blog called ‘Stupid $@^! my sisters do’ would that be successful you think? If I condensed my family’s antics into like 5 years it would TOTALLY make the best, highest grossing soap opera to ever air. (Including my own adventures) And would probably contain valuable life-lessons on what NOT to do with your cash. Lol.

Source below!

Annnndddd now check out my fellow Yakezie Group #3 members:

Are you Clueless about Mortgages? On My Personal Finance Journey
Fighting the urge to spend on So Over Debt
Volatility Strikes – How to take your mind off the chaos on The College Investor
How we handled emergency travel expenses on Fat Guy Skinny Wallet
Breaking the 200k Alexa Barrier again + Yakezie round-up on Spruce Up Your Finances
And more on emergency funds; Do you have an emergency fund? on Money Talks (Check out my own post on this here)
5 benefits of Organic Agriculture on Prairie EcoThrifter
A congratulations is in order for 60K Project who (at the time of writing) was only days away from being debt-free! Check out Day 301 – Giving Thanks.
Learn how to turn irregular expenses into planned expenses on The Debt Myth
Advantages of the Small Investor on Investorz Blog and last but not least;

How’s that for purchasing power? on Cash Flow Mantra

Phew! That’s a lot of links but there’s a lot of good reading out there so I hope you’ll find something to suit your fancy among these great bloggers.

Ps: IMG source here.

    • Andrea said:

      You had a great post there, I’m curious about your next post; I’m planning to have my student loan paid off by January first, perhaps a few months later but soon nonetheless… As soon as that’s gone I’d like to jump back into investing, a topic I know SO so little about, look forward to reading future posts on your blog!

  1. Miss T said:

    Thanks so much for the inclusion. I hope you have a great weekend.

  2. Thanks for including me! Lots of fiscal responsibility going on in this group. Maybe we should all run for Congress. 😉

    • Andrea said:

      ^^^ BEST comment so far EVER. Hahahaha I completely agree! Can you imagine the damage we could do… elect Yakezie… man, we’d turn America upside down!

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