Three no spend days! Although… I’m not 100% sure on Sunday, memory is a little fuzzy. Hmm! I had no real expenses this week, just a few social occasions. If I had stayed home I would’ve spent no money at all this week but I’m obviously not going to start doing that. 😉

No Spend Day!

-$29.52 Movies + snacks for two
– $19.37 Subway dinner for two

– $27.39 Fish & Chips lunch for two
– $20.79 Silver earrings (BM)

– $5.00 Pool


No Spend Day!

– $6.00 Farmer’s Market
– $36.74 Running shorts -> Waste of money *sigh*

No Spend Day! (I think)

Income: +$0
Budgeted expenses: $87.28 I’m at the top of my eating out budget for the month now though.
Budgeted Blow Money: $20.79
Renovation: $0
OFF budget: $36.74

^This was a bummer, my running shorts were starting to ride up because [presumably] I’m slimming down (though I still can’t tell on the scale! BOO! I know I know muscle ways more than fat.)  The riding up is really annoying, chafing thighs anyone? So I picked up a set of Diadora running shorts… yeah total waste of money. I’ll be sending them a letter with what I think of their product. Total crap! Nike is still the love of my life with regards to workout gear, Lulu a close second but mostly because I can wear them while lounging around the house – being very lazy – yet still look attractive need I appear in public suddenly for any reason. (Canadian Business had a great article on ‘the Lulu cult’ recently)
Notes; BM=Blow Money

Not too bad of a week, this week I’m aiming for NO off-budget expenses! I’m still on track for my Sept 1st goal!

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