As some of you know I’m currently renovating, something that I wrote about a few times.  I’m having a hard time with it emotionally because it’s expensive, but needs to be done and I find it very scary… my house was built in the 30’s and inevitably every time I go to fix something another problem is discovered so I feel a bit anxious about the situation. Nonetheless it’s all very exciting and I’m looking forward to the end result! Demo got underway on Monday, and since I wanted to keep you guys up to date here’s a few pics!

When I bought my house it looked like this;


Then it turned into this (also MANY improvements inside in the meanwhile;


Aaaand then this happened


Annnnd a big hole, oh my;


And that’s where things stand now, on Friday they’re coming to destroy that concrete, fill the hole… then start building the foundation. Eek! (I wrote the first cheque to the contractor today, bye bye hard-earned money)

I gotta say, I love my house, it’s just so cute and small but I can’t wait to have that extra bedroom built on and to be able to put my desk together and write by the window… 🙂

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