Yakezie round-up!

Day 271 Smashing Debt With A Snowball on the $60K project

Babies on a Budget: Cloth Diapers on The Saved Quarter, and why yes, it IS possible to have babies on a budget!

Top Canadian Stocks: Stocks that Rock on University of Money, I love love love reading blogs that offer financial insight from a Canadian perspective. Canada is so interconnected with the US but when it comes down to it it’s important to really understand our own market. (shout out to all my Canadian bloggers!)

Check out this giveaway on Investorz’ Blog: 2 $30 Paypal Giftcard Giveaways!

Fat Guy Skinny Wallet posted What Would We Do If We Wong $1 Million? So Over Debt’s post on this can be found here. I wrote my own post about this a while back; If I had a million dollars… well not quite. Where I wrote how I’d divvy up the money, it’s such a fun exercise and definitely gets you thinking!

Results take time
on Money Talks

How to Save Money on Festivals on Prairie Eco Thrifter (coolest blogname ever?)

New Car Vs Used Car – Throwing My Hat in the Ring
on Cash Flow Mantra, always an interesting debate! Then move on to Spruce up Your Finances where Ken has written a post Donating or selling a broken car. Also car-related; The Penny Hoarder published an article on how to Make Money Renting Out Your Driveway.  And What Should You Do If You Needed to Buy A Car – part 2 on My Personal Finance Journey

Check out this Dave Ramsey inspired post on The Debt Myth; The First Rule of Personal Finance

Why California’s Affiliate Tax Law is Bad on My Multiple Incomes

And last but not least The College Investor featured a great Ask the Reader post titled: What is considered “Well-Off” at 30?

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