I was sitting at my laptop today watching the headlines go by on the Alexa toolbar, one of the headlines was about the increasing US obesity epidemic, which got me thinking about my own weight and a whole bunch of other things.

I’ve alluded to my weight issues before, hey what else is new? Honestly, I’ve always been slender, never too big or very skinny. Always healthy. My weight has generally fluctuated 2-4kg, generally moreso in the winter… and I’ve always complained about certain areas on my body that could use some toning or weight-loss, or weight gain. Pretty typical woman stuff.

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I’ve been following Travis Pizel on twitter, he’s on a journey to make his Wii stop calling him fat… I’m also following along with Blonde on a Diet (a spin-off blog from Blonde on a Budget) who  is sharing her own journey and after doing some thinking about all the above I felt I should share my story which is as much related to money as it is to weight.

In the fall of 2008 I bought my house and in 2009 went broke, got very very stressed  and my weight BALLOONED. Like, I went from a BMI of roundabout 22 to a BMI that pushed just to 30. WTF?! That means that for a very short period of time I was OBESE putting me right with all those people included in that obesity-epidemic-statistic. Did you know how easy it is to gain 30 pounds and get that label? No wonder we’ve got an obesity epidemic going on…. It’s not hard to get fat, let me tell you that!

I was miserable, it was horrible. I was broke – Actually I’m still broke but I’m handling my finances much better now 😉 – AND I hated myself. In the words of the uberfamous blogger; It sucked and then I cried.

A peek into my closet, huhu

In summer 2009 I finally started to work on my money and my weight. It seemed that as I got a grip back on one area of my life… the rest followed. I managed to lose a little bit of weight and started being more active and eating better. Stress started to go away. In February 2010 I re-discovered my love for swimming and during the summer I started blogging and making real progress financially too. Shit started coming together and I got rid of that awful chub pretty fast:

Over the past year and a half I’ve lost 30 pounds, about 20ish last year and then 10 this year including 4 in Serendipity’s challenge earlier this year and with only 10ish left to lose now I’m on the homestretch! (I’m considering doing a blog-fitness-challenge of some sort over the next few weeks, anyone interested?) Clothing wise though, things have been… uh interesting these past two years. I’m sure you can imagine what gaining and losing 30 in such a short time does to your wardrobe? It was one BIG mess but buying new stuff costs money and I’m on a budget.

I purged a lot and I went shopping the sales last weekend with some of my girlfriends and bought new business attire, then last Friday I decided to open up the box of ‘too small’ on the bottom of my closet and rediscovered all the stuff I deemed worth saving 1.5-2 years ago. I pulled out a pair of shorts, one pair of capris, one top, one tshirt and one nice pair of brand-name jeans.. in near new condition, they all fit once again. Woohoo! I now have a whole new wardrobe for the price of… half of one  I guess!

The point of this whole post? Well, aside from the obvious lesson; keep your weight under control and your finances too. Sometimes you find things you already had and they are like new to you, sometimes it’s best to shop at home… for free.

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