No spend day!

No spend day!

– $10.04 lunch at work (BM)

– $60.65 Mountain Equipment Co-op (daypack, bladder, tirekit, membership & bike bag!) (BM)
– $14.37 Groceries

+ $642.73 Income
– $11.77 Gift for mom
– $17.29 grass seed
– $60.85 plants & bird feed
– $80.27 topsoil
– $151.34 Camping stuff: a tent! Air mattress & pump (oh and non-camping; earrings and pj’s) (BM)

– $70.74 Home depot (tyvek wrap, mainly)
– $11.64 Subway!
– $7.05 groceries (+$100 in gift cards that I got for free)

– $3.64 Tim Horton’s

Income: +$642.73
Budgeted expenses: $277.62
Budgeted Blow Money: $222.03
Off budget: nothing

In short: Two no spend days  & NO off budget spending, a decent week. I did spend a bit much on Blow Money but that was largely on camping supplies, I also had quite a few house-related expenses but this week was not bad overall!

I think the most ridiculous expense this week was topsoil… having to pay for dirt seems so odd to me. I had to even out a patch of land around the house where the grading is miserable and also since summer is faaaast approaching it was time to get the hanging baskets and planters ready to go. It was hard to work to get everything done outside this week but I really love flowers so this is something I really enjoy doing, just that extra pop of colour around the house makes me smile every time I see it! =)

I got a pretty big load of groceries as I’m hoping to cut down on my eating out, I’ve been splurging way too much and the money I will save there will help with the whole paying down my studentloan/renovating my house/going on vacation at the same time, twice. lol. My financial life is going to be a little crazy the next 4 months!

So, what’s all new and exciting in your world this week?

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