With summer quickly rolling in I’m noticing a SCARY trend in my budget. I’m off… like WAY off… still within my total budget but my categories are way out of whack and I don’t think that’s going to change until November rolls around… my student loan repayment has also suffered and I won’t make my <$5,000 goal for July 1. It’s making me feel a little on edge but the overpowering feeling is relief and happiness. Which is strange, I mean… I’m consistently OFF budget and I’m cool with that? I think I may have been too strict on myself this past winter and while I made some really nice progress financially it really added to me hitting the proverbial wall and… here we are. I need to find a balance.

I started writing this post because I realized that I missed a crucial and big expense in this months budget: I didn’t include that I’m leaving for Isles de la Madeleine on June 24th for a 5/6 day camping trip, I’ve been wanting to go there for a very long time so I’m really looking forward to it. (Speaking of which, have you been? I’d love to hear any tips & suggestions on what to do!) I haven’t had more than 3 days off in a row in more than a year and a half… that’s a long time and I’m really ready for a vacay. I’ve had slow weeks of work and haven’t worked full-time consistently throughout but it will be nice to just really be OFF and away for a little while.  I’m kind of wondering if I should actually make a new category in my budget for vacation expenses, what do you think?

Sure looks pretty...!

Aside from the camping trip at the end of June, I’m also going for a one day shopping trip with friends (it’ll be them shopping and me accompanying) the day after I come back and I’ve still got the possible trip to Toronto to see John Butler Trio mid-July. I’ve also just started researching prices for tickets to the Netherlands probably late August/early September (mentioned here) which is very exciting but it’s going to bust my budget… did I mention I have a huuuuuge renovation coming up before winter as well?

Yeah…. I just had a visit with the development officer in my community and in order to renovate and extend my porch about 3 feet (because it’s so tiny, the extra space is needed) I’m going to have to apply for a gross variance which will need to be approved by council & my neighbours individually. *sigh*Nothing’s ever easy… so everything with my mortgage refinancing is on hold until I get a cost estimate from my contractor, apply and hopefully get approved for a permit… and then we go from there.

I’m guessing it’ll take another month before I can head back to the bank to talk about the refinancing again. We’ve already established that I have the credit etc. to get it all done, just need to work out the kinks like the new terms of my mortgage, and for that I need to have a plan in place for the renovation + a building permit because without the permit the whole project changes. I hope to talk to the contractor again tomorrow and work out some details, I’m hoping to push the reno off until September so the framing & exterior can be finished right before winter and I can slowly work on the interior myself over the winter. It would save me some big bucks to do that. I’m really slow at stuff like drywalling but I can do it so hiring the contractor to only do the frame and exterior finishing should be good for the bottom line so I don’t bust my budget into oblivion… lol.

Ahhh! I’m trying not to get too overwhelmed and have a bit of fun too, I think I’ll be okay though as long as I stay within the rough parameters of my budget I’ll get where I want to be. How’s your budget fairing in this fair weather? 😉

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