First things first:
You may have noticed that my posts have been sporadic lately at best, I’m still posting about once a week but I’m not getting much quality content out there and I’m sorry for that.

I have a midterm and a research paper due tomorrow on top of my full-time job. I feel a bit overwhelmed. Writing is cathartic for me, I really enjoy it so I will continue my blog but I’m having some trouble getting quality personal finance related posts together. I’ve got drafts, but none of them are going any where it seems. There’s just so much going on!


Personal stuff:
At the end of March I wrote this “The last time I felt these types of feelings (cabin fever, putting my life on hold) this strongly I ended a relationship, went on a 2 week vacation, changed jobs and went to school. Am I having a quarter life crisis? Maybe I shouldn’t be writing blog posts in the middle of the night.”
I think that quote gives you a glimpse as to what’s going on with my life. I’m busy, I’ve got this whole mortgage refinancing thing going on, speaking of which… that was supposed to be a smooth transaction. Not so! I’ve decided to wait until my financial adviser/manager is back from her holiday as she’s familiar with my files. The person I am dealing with is just making a mess of things.

I’m also dealing with some personal things (exes, men in general!*) and work stuff at home that’s making me feel very on edge. Ever feel like you just want to stick your head in the sand or run away to Australia? That’s me right about now. *phew*

And now the actual point of this post: Money Money Money.

– $118.48 Utility
– $101.36 Phone/internet
– $214. 25 property tax
– $10.37 Tim hortons

No spend day!

– $15.57 Dairy Queen (What’s wrong with me!)

Thursday: (Roadtrip day!)
– $3.27 Tim Hortons
– $3.44 Esso (Halls)
– $3.45 Esso (Pretzels)
– $9.99 Movies

– $14.86 dinner with friends!

No spend day!

No spend day!

Income: $0
Budgeted expenses: $219.84
Budgeted Blow Money: $60.95
Off budget: $214.25

I made a rookie mistake this week, I postdated my cheques for property taxes. Unfortunately I put it on one month too early and they cashed it! Ouch!  My account went in the red (no over draft fees though!) and it isn’t in this months budget. Very frustrating, but I guess the bills is paid. Property taxes are just one of those things I do NOT pay early, I pay it the day it’s due. Not a bad week though really, three no spend days. Wahoo, keep ’em coming. 🙂

How you all doing? I’m noticing I’m less tight with my money the nicer the weather gets, hmm!

*No offence guys, just having a rough time. I know there’s a ton of great guys out there. Just gotta vent sometime!

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