I spent a little bit of money last week. The kayak paddle and skirt were expenses I knew were coming and for the rest it was pretty ordinary. I do hope to have more no spend days in the next few weeks though, I feel really really broke, all the mess with the mortgage is NOT helping. Back to the bank this week! I’ll keep you posted.

+ $642.74 Income
– $29.87 Life insurance
– $91.37 Home/Car insurance
– $60 cash Blow Money

– $11.54 Canadian tire (Fm transmitter for Ipod, because I LOST the one I just bought, argh!)

– $9.23 Door sweep
– $98.69 Canadian Tire (kayak skirt, grass seed, birdhouse)

– $200.84 Costco*
– $32.34 Eating out w. friends

– $126.97 Mortgage
– $80.80 Kayak paddle

– $5.21 lunch at work

– $16.55 birthday cake for sibling

Income: +$642.74
Budgeted expenses: $491.03
Budgeted Blow Money: $60.00 ($40 still in my wallet)
Off budget: $11.54
*Costco includes mostly stuff I bought for my family that they will pay me back for, not included in totals for that reason.

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