I’m sort of hoping that also goes for my money situation. WOW, did I ever spend!

My total blow money spending was $1,038.90… Consider though that I spent about $300 on a bike right at the first of the month and that I bought a Kayak for $350 the second last day of the month and that purchased some new clothing. It’s still a lot so I’m bringing back the spending reports, starting this week, for at least a month orso to get things back under control.

I have a few other planned purchases coming up this month; I’m heading out to the cottage tomorrow for the first time this season which tells me I need to invest in either a set of vibram five fingers or a cheaper water-type shoe, a skirt & paddle for the kayak, some more car maintenance (on going for the next few months I think, slowly getting everything fixed) and I need to have my lawnmower fixed… because that lawn is growing fast. Nothing hugely expensive but it will all add up. Hmmm. Lots to consider!

All in all I was $9.21 over budget last month, nothing that I can’t absorb in the first few days of the new month but… I need to tighten the money belt considerably if I want to hit my goals and not go broke.

Breakdown for April;
– $200 blow money  Fail. $1,038.90, the bike was a planned purchase, the kayak was a wish that I got a great deal on – I couldn’t pass it up + I was able to pay for it out of pocket without borrowing so I allowed myself the purchase
– $850+ Student Loan Success! $1,527.98 over budget, a good thing!!
– $200 grocery budget (again) Success! $192.68, within budget!
– put any extra cash onto the student loan Success! Three out of four goals, not bad… but I need to reign it in this month or I will fall behind.

Goals for May:
– $400 Blow money
– $950+ Student Loan
– $195 grocery budget
– Fix lawnmower and car, purchase kayak accecories needed + stay within budge

Ps: I’ll be back with a spending report in a few days, uhoh.

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