It happened only very recently that I realized things aren’t as tight around here anymore. I realized,  I could survive missing a pay cheque!


This doesn’t mean there’s much money in my bank account, in fact it’s mostly sitting at $0 because I dump every extra penny on my student loan when I get the chance rather than making monthly payments… BUT still, I’m going to be okay.

I was talking with my mom about wanting to buy a bike and she asked if I had money enough to do that, I said hells-yeah! It’s called Dave’s total money makeover! (Well, and this blog but that’s a bit of a secret that I don’t want to tell her about) And I just grinned at her, she smiled.

I was trying to find a previous post in which I wrote about this, I think I said that I was getting close to this point, can’t find the post though. Oh well.  I’m pretty happy about it but I do still feel a bit scared of falling back into old, bad habits as I’ve been at this point before.  I feel happy, hesitant about the future but optimistic.

Tell me what hurdles you’ve cleared this week…

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