Woah, I was majorly surprised this afternoon when I checked my bank account and noticed this;

Surprise tax return!

What’s going on with that? I guess I shouldn’t complain but the worrier in me is immediately suspicious that there’s some sort of mistake and they’ll take it back tomorrow, highly unlikely of course. I ended up with about $800 of tax refund more than I thought I should have gotten and unfortunately didn’t get to do anything fun with it, boo! I threw it right on my student loan. Which leads me to this;

I’ve realized that I am very passionate about becoming debt-free and that I will go to great lengths to ensure that will happen. My student loan isn’t in repayment yet,  I could be paying $200 a month and take care of it slowly and instead invest my money, save it, renovate my house and take the time for a nice vacation paid in cash, of course. But I’m not doing that and although it’s ultimately liberating to go through this experience of partial deprivation to becoming debt-free I’m starting to get cabin-fever BIG TIME.

I’m human, I’m not perfect. So I’m still spending a little bit but on the other hand I’m being extremely strict with myself, I’m on a budget and it almost feels like I’m punishing myself because not all the debt I have on the student loan is debt that was necessary to go to school. I feel like at the moment I’m putting everything in my life on pause to take care of this debt and sometimes it feels suffocating. Can you tell how torn I am on this issue? It’s liberating yet constricting.

A little sunshine

I have learned so much compared to 90% of my friends and yet I feel I am losing so much time by pausing my life for a year while I get rid of the student loan. A major part of my feelings on this may be the cabin-fever issue, I love to travel, I’ve moved a lot (thrice across the Atlantic Ocean, among others) and when I am in one place for longer periods of time I long to get out.  The last time I felt these types of feelings this strongly I ended a relationship, went on a 2 week vacation, changed jobs and went to school. Am I having a quarter life crisis? Maybe I shouldn’t be writing blog posts in the middle of the night.

Hmm. On a more positive note, back to the issue at hand; When I get my pay cheque after the weekend I will have paid… drumroll…. $5,134.47 down on my student loan since  December 21sts balance of $15,551.28.  (in 3 months and three weeks, to be exact) Now that’s something to smile about! (edit: WOW, just updated my financial progress bars on the side, I’m 99% of the way there for my 2011 year end goal for my student loan… :/ nuts!)

/insert enormous happy face/ Have a great weekend everyone! 🙂

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