Link-Love #5

Another two weeks have passed, time for the bi-weekly check up on all that’s awesome in the blogging world:

What I would do with $100,000 over on Money Rabbit

Cutting out the “I deserves” in my daily routine on Fabulously Broke

A Giveaway on Girl with the Red Balloon – contest ends tonight so hurry and get your entry in to win a $60 gift card!

Derek @ Life and My Finances [removed outdated url February 25, 2014] also posted a giveaway for a $50 Amazon card, closes march 15th and recently wrote a Yakezie member post here.


Things I want to punch in the face: Facebookers on Punch Debt in the Face which reminds me of this lady on my facebook who posts her schedule, daily activities and every time she takes a bubble bath or eats dinner… seriously?

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  1. Thank you for the link back to Fabulously Broke!!!

  2. Thank you for the link back to Fabulously Broke!!!

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