Being in school, working full-time and sort-of renovating on the side makes I have a pretty busy life. The problem is that in fact, I’m not always as busy as I seem and I I’m not always as financially savvy as I should be. There are a few things I want to address in a series of posts and this is Kicking Bad Habits, Part 2. Part 1 of this series can be found here.

The Bad Habit

Coffee! Tea! This bad habit isn’t so much time-related as it is money-related. twentysomethingmoney left a comment on one of my previous spending reports saying;  “Ever think of giving up tea, and saving $1.43/day? Could save you a whole lot of nickels!” I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately; I’ve been spending quite a few bucks picking up teas and coffees on my way to work at night. I grab a tea when I’m thirsty and a coffee for the caffeine when I’m tired. First off, I’m not a caffeine  junky. I can do perfectly fine without and picking up a nice coffee or tea, ready-made simply  is a luxury I’ve been willing to pay for. I’m not willing to shell out my nickels for that anymore, it’s stupid!

The Solution

I enjoy nice coffees, mochas, Chai teas and other fancy Starbucksy drinks. Yum! I love ’em all. When I was living in Western Canada I would go grocery shopping once a week and get a medium fancy coffee at Second Cup before heading into the store. It was my little ritual and I loved it. For the rest I made my own coffee and tea at home, it’s the way I grew up and I need to go back to that. I want going out for coffee to be be an enjoyable occasion and not a habit. I like to make this simple thing something special so that I enjoy it more.

This coffee/tea buying habit has really crept up on me. 4 years ago I would have never imagined myself buying at a coffee shop this often! As much as I love the convenience, it’s wasteful of my money and wasteful to the environment. I can make tea at home and throw it into one of the four (!!) insulated travel mugs sitting in my cupboard. So, while I’ve still got this coffee & tea business in my budget for January come February it’s going to be gone! I am going to kick this habit and save a few bucks along the way by just putting my foot down and quitting. I’m picking up another box of tea (any suggestions?) on my grocery trip next week and that’s it! The $20+ I’ve been spending on this habit in a month will add up to more than $200 a year that I can use to go towards my pesky student-loan.

What do you think, have you kicked any bad habits lately? I’ve noticed Cordelia Calls It Quits has a Quit-List on her blog, you should check it out, it’s a good read and an inspiration as well!

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