Looking back:
For the month of January I wanted to achieve the following;
– $450 to my Student Loan
– $450 additional savings
– $100 extra mortgage payment

Now how things actually went, I did great!;

– $450 to my Student Loan I paid back about $500 in January
– $450 additional savings I managed to syphon $304 into savings this month!
– $100 extra mortgage payment Completed this earlier in the month than usual, made the prepayment on Jan 17th where I usually make the prepayment in the last few days of the month. Woohoo!

All in all I did pretty awesome last month. I met two out of three goals and you will see in a few days why I still think I did really awesome. In fact, I think I did better financially than I have in four or five months! Good stuff. I’m not quite done yet with living pay-cheque to pay-cheque but things have massively improved! Figuratively speaking here’s how things looked for January;

Don't you like pie?

Housing does NOT include the mortgage, that’s included in the debt/banking portion. Included in the housing category this month was a new living room floor, not bad! My blow money spending went up slightly from December’s $160+ and still needs some more budget cuts. I throw all kinds of stuff in this category, this month included 2 symphony tickets for February, a new leather wallet, a NYE outing, skiing with my family and a credit check. All the stuff I don’t want to make separate categories for but that do need their own-non-specific junk drawer of sorts. I’m going to try to keep this category down to $100 for February.

Looking ahead, the plan:
$100 blow money
– $75 to my E-fund
– $825+ to my Student Loan
– $125 extra mortgage payment <- This is an experiment, I find that the 100 is getting me 2 about months knocked off the end of the mortgage so I want to see how much farther the extra $25 will get me. :p

The goals above are already giving you a hint at what I’m doing: I won’t be saving as aggressively as I have been and will instead be moving my focus to the Student Loan. I will be making some  changes to how I’ve been planning financially so far and I will elaborate on the how and why in my next article.

I’m amazed at how fast January flew by! How did your finances fare in January? Did you make a good start on your 2011 financial goals? (You can check mine out here)

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