My update on how December’s goals went is a little late but I was too busy munching on holiday snacks, oops. Sorry for being a week late!

Looking Back:
My goals for last month [removed outdated url February 24, 2014]  were as follows;
– $300 to Student Loan
– $350 additional savings
– $100 extra mortgage PYM

– $300 to Student Loan Satisfactory; $211.01 actual contribution, Christmas put a bigger dent in the budget than I originally planned for and as a result my Student Loan repayment suffered.
– $350 additional savings Done! But $426.21 additional savings  doesn’t really make sense, why didn’t I throw the extra above my $350 goal on the student Loan so I made both goals?
– $100 extra mortgage PYM Done! I made the extra mortgage payment on December 24th. I have now shortened the original amortization period of my mortgage by 13 months!!!

My gift category as well as Blow Money category were areas where I overspent in December while I should have put more toward Debt/Banking in the form of Student Loan repayment. Something I hope to improve in January.

Looking ahead:
For the month of January I would like to achieve the following;
– $450 to my Student Loan
– $450 additional savings
– $100 extra mortgage payment <- I know this is becoming a steady repeat, but I think it’s important I keep doing this!

[removed outdated url February 24, 2014]

I’m going to mention car repair again because frankly I’m becoming a little scared at this point for the total bill. I’m going to keep slashing debt and saving money aggressively and keep pushing off the repair as long as possible, aka not using my car and being more careful/planing my drives. I should do that anyway to save on gas…

How did your finances fare in December? Have you set your 2011 financial goals? (You can check mine out here) [removed outdated url February 24, 2014]

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