Goal accomplished!


$500 Goal achieved!

In a previous post I mentioned my goal of achieving a $500 balance in my Emergency Savings account: Today the automatic withdrawal went through and the magic number appeared:

$500 beans! 🙂

I will be setting a new goal for this account but because my focus is now on paying off my student loan as soon as possible I will only be sending a few dollars here and there to keep the balance going up. I’ve updated the goal bars on the side -> I love making the goals I set!

Have you made any of your goals recently or perhaps set new ones? I’d love to hear other peoples stories!

  1. Red said:

    In October, I met my goal of paying off my largest student loan! Yeeeep! 😀 It was very exciting for me! Congrats on your emergency fund!

  2. Andrea said:

    Thanks! Feels good doesn’t it!

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