I have been thinking for a while about starting a blog. Every morning while having some breakfast  I boot up the computer and check the local news, some forums I frequent and then move on to my favourite blogs. I’m certainly appreciative of other peoples blogs. I don’t know if I’m going to be any good at my own though.

So, here it is! WordPress is a hell of a lot more impressive than blogspot ever was, well from what I remember anyway.  I don’t want to diss another site.  I’m just trying something else this time around. It may take me a while to get the hang of things and start writing some semi-interesting bits. Or maybe I’ll end up abandoning blogging all together… who knows. At this point I’m still really confused and don’t know how to do anything.

If you’re reading thins; Do you blog? Why do you blog and what where you thinking when you made your first post? Do you have any tips for me as a new blogger?

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