I’ve been working my ass off this summer to get ahead, renting out my house, three other cottages, keeping my regular job and working on the side on weekends for someone else and… I just made the last $509.61 payment on my HELOC… it’s done! It’s paid off! I will do everything I can to never have to use it again and intend to close it in the future, barring emergencies. It’s just going to sit there all empty, propping up my creditscore. :)

Next month I will re-evaluate my savings goals and set up a plan to begin prepaying my mortgage. I’ll also know more about wether my contract is renewed, which greatly influences my finances, obviously ;)… so for now, I’m just going to keep on trucking and maybe spend a little on a nice dinner this weekend. Woohoo!

Happy Monday everyone! 😀

For the first time in my life I have reached my emergency fund goal. I actually reached it on Thursday, it’s been almost exactly five years since I started this journey on my blog. 6 years orso since I first started reading personal finance blogs and getting serious about fixing my finances permanently. It has been a long, long road with many ups and downs and… I have $10,000 sitting in several accounts designated as my emergency fund holding buckets, right this very moment


I have wanted to reach this for so long! It feels… slightly disappointing to be honest. I felt much lighter when I paid off my student loan, this feels very different… perhaps because it’s just money sitting there and I won’t really ‘feel’ much about it until I need to use it for something. Perhaps also because I am waiting for my contract to be renewed and if it’s not, I may need to use the emergency fund to get through the winter unless I find reasonable work soon. (Of course if my contract doesn’t get renewed I will clear off my resume a bit and just take any job I need to take to get by)

It’s a nice accomplishment, with very mixed feelings. I really hope I won’t have to use it any time soon and to prevent that from happening I intend to keep saving in various accounts for other minor and major planned and unplanned life expenses.

My next goal? Build up a buffer in my chequing account. Any time I get money in I’ve been dividing in over my credit cards, debt, spending and savings right away. It’s a habit… oh it’s payday? Let’s see how fast I can get my account to zero again!

Time to start living on last months income.