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25 Goals for 2015 – February Summary.

25 Goals for 2015 – February Summary.

Financial I hit every financial goal this month. I didn’t screw up anything and I’m actually a little bit ahead in some accounts. I can easily fall behind again in March so this doesn’t change anything. I’m just going to keep trucking and make this an awesome year. My house still hasn’t sold… and I … Continue reading »

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My name is Renée. I'm trying to figure out my life nickel by nickel, one penny at a time.
My blog, Nickel by Nickel, covers personal finance, DIY and travel: Life, money and everything in between.

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2015 Goals and progress

Emergency Fund 2015
Goal: $10,000
Current: $5,000

Retirement TFSA&RSP 2015
Goal: $4,500
Current: $4,322.36

Vehicle Fund 2015
Goal: $208
Current: $54.63

Future house 2015
Goal: $500
Current: $121.92

Networth 2015
Goal: $72,000
Current: $64,556.01

Lifestyle: Weight
Goal: Lose 30
Current: Lost 4

Lifestyle: 30 Books in 2015
Goal: 30
Current: 2

Last updated February 26, 2015