On March 15th I kicked off a 30 day no Tim’s challenge. I buy a breakfast sandwich combo on average weekly, and pick up a cup of tea on an almost daily basis these days. I read Bridget’s post yesterday on the price versus the cost of non-necessities this week and it relates. Like Bridget, I will hit my financial goals anyway, regardless of whether I spend $50 at Tim Horton’s every month. I am a penny pincher and I do think every bit helps but I’m not kicking Timmies because I think I might save a few extra dollars as I have before, that’s just a happy side-effect (I hope) in the end.

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The self-imposed 30-day Tim’s ban has more to do with my health and lifestyle than money. It’s in a similar vein as when some years ago I tackled my coffee habit, my watching tv habit and my bad language habit. (To update on those: I got rid of my show and film habit along with the shitty ex and cable and never looked back, I only drink coffee when out and about or when travelling and well, I still use bad words sometimes in my down time but continue to expand my vocabulary :-) )

Back to Tim’s. I enjoy eating out, I enjoy picking a restaurant and spending some time with a friend or family and enjoying food. I allot for an eating out budget every month and am not generally too upset when I go over. I don’t mind spending more than a few dollars on a nice meal. I like food. I am a foodie. (my waistline attests) and, in an attempt to keep my waistline under control as I turn 30 this year, Tim’s is out. The breakfast sandwiches taste pretty good,but they aren’t as good  or healthy as the breakfast recipes I have yet to try to make, Tim’s is a convenience that adds little to my overall life.

When I set my goals for 2015 I also made quite a few lifestyle related goals. I wanted to get my sleeping pattern under control, which I have, eat better, move more, read more. All around self-improvement. To become a better version of me, year after year. I want to expand my cooking and baking skills, bring more lunches, and make eating out an even more enjoyable and special occasion of sorts when I do go out… PLUS I would rather have one or two nice dinners a month and bucks to drop on them than a daily tea on my drive to work. The latter does little for my social life and as I mentioned, my skinny jeans. So until April 15th, Tim’s is out and my kettle is in. Perhaps after that, I’ll stick with it for good.

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above the fold november 2013

I got tired of my blog today.

I didn’t make any backups. There was no coding magic: In a spontaneous series of events I spent 46 minutes searching through themes on WordPress until I found a simple-enough and customizable enough version of my tastes and Nickel by Nickel 4.0 no longer exists.

I didn’t take any screenshots to document the progress either… Just from one day to the next I got tired of the clutter-y layout and here we are. This feels similar and as cathartic to sorting another entire trash bag full of stuff out of my closet while stormstayed last weekend.

There will be some tweaks in coming days. I have no further financial or travel wisdom to impart. Just change, sometimes change is good.

2015-03-01 14.35.51

Went for a walk on the beach on March 1st with bf and dog. Walked over top of many feet of snowdunes and could only see ice as far as the horizon.

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