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In support of TWLOHA: To write love on her arms.

In support of TWLOHA: To write love on her arms.

  Schrijnend. It’s the Dutch word for poignant and it’s the word I keep coming back to since coming back from Cuba. On the last three nights of my trip to Cuba I spent some time with a guy, a kid, 19 and we got talking. About depression and suicide and drugs and rehab. He’d … Continue reading »

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My name is Renée. I'm trying to figure out my life nickel by nickel, one penny at a time.
My blog, Nickel by Nickel, covers personal finance, DIY and travel: Life, money and everything in between.

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Emergency Fund 2014
Goal: $10,000
Current: $3,450.22

RSP 2014
Goal: $3,000
Current: $2,535.24

Globetrotting 2014
Goal: $3,500
Current: $282.18

Project Move
(two accounts) Current: €672.04 + Current: $115.35 Goal: $10,000

Net Worth 2014
Goal: $70,000
Current: $55,420.53

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